Women’s Education and Support Programmes

Womens Programme

We offer a women’s education programme aimed at providing information and advice to women who have, or who are, experiencing domestic violence. We aim to empower women to make positive changes for themselves and for their family, assisting them to live lives free from violence and abuse.

The programme is provided free of charge.
Please call the Office to discuss your eligibility.

Community Education

We believe that to work effectively for families part of our role is to provide training and education to the wider community. Church groups, clubs, associations and affiliations are encourage to invite a speaker along to one of your meetings.

Through education, challenging peoples beliefs and influencing social discourse we aim to promote community ownership and reduce harm. For too long Domestic Violence has been seen as a private issue and we know that violence and abuse thrive in silence.

We design our talk around your needs.
For more information please call the Office

Woman or Child Volunteer Training

All volunteers, be they Crisis and Support Line Advocates, Board members or general members must undertake to do the TWR training. Advocates must complete the course before being approved to work with families . If you would like to become a volunteer please email us your expression of interest. See also Friends of Refuge. See Contacts

The Training Will Assist You To:

Understand the dynamics of Domestic Violence Develop listening, advocacy and empathy skills Work with women and children, empowering them to live lives free from violence and abuse Challenge societal beliefs and provide social commentary Provide non-judgemental support and advocacy Work in an environment that recognises the needs of a diverse range of women Meet and work with other caring community-minded people.

Please phone or complete a Contact Form for more information
or to discuss your eligibility.