About us

At Taranaki Women’s Refuge we provide the support and information you will need when you are dealing with family violence in your life.

We won’t judge you or tell you what to do. We are there to listen and to help you make choices for your safety at a time when you are ready to make changes.

We are not a government department. We are an independent community organisation run by women for women and children.

Our services are free and confidential (although a small rent is payable if you stay in the safehouse).


Family violence or whanau violence is violence that happens between people who are connected by a domestic relationship (not strangers). The domestic relationship could include partners, siblings, parents, children etc

It usually happens in the home (not in a public place) therefore it is often hidden.

Violence affects women at any age, with or without children, regardless of their ethnicity, sexuality, economic circumstances, education or employment.

Violence is a pattern of power and control and is often designed to dominate the victim through fear.

The violence will get worse if nothing is done to stop the violent person.

Violence includes:

  • Isolation from family and friends
  • Threats, hurtful comments and constant criticism
  • Taking money and belongings
  • Not allowing access to, or information about the family income
  • Rape, sexual harrassment or degrading sexual behaviour
  • Physical harm