Domestic violence is violence by someone who has a close personal relationship or emotional bond with the person they are abusing.

The types of relationships include couples, partners living apart, parent and child, siblings, or flatmates. Domestic Violence happens in same sex relationships at around the same rate as it does in heterosexual relationships.

Domestic violence is not always obvious black eyes and bruises. The tactics used might be invisible to someone outside the family, the behaviour might seem trivial or random, but together the tactics have the effect of manipulating and controlling, making the person being abused feel fearful.

Domestic Violence may be physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse or financial control.

It can be a single act of violence but is usually a pattern of behaviour over a period of time aimed at control.

Warning Signs for Domestic Violence.

These are often the beginning signs of the control. It only ever gets worse from here.

  • Phones or texts you excessively to see where you are and what you are doing
  • Questions who is texting or calling you and gets angry or upset if you do not answer
  • Criticises your friends and discourages you from seeing them
  • Makes light of your concerns about his/her behaviour and blames you for it
  • Gets jealous of your relationships with others, including family
  • Makes you leave social and other events when you are out together, not allowing you to stay without him/her

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